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The Disaster Solutions Team

Our Story

We were founded in 2005 after Lessons Learned from the response to Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi. After noticing several ways that efficiency could be improved during disaster response, our team set out to create a software system that would provide a platform for information management during emergency operations. Since then, our teams have deployed to several of the most catastrophic natural and man-made disasters in modern history. Our role during disasters has always been to support local emergency management operations and improve the efficiency of reporting critical information.

We're not your typical software company. We're not just coding in cubicles, we didn't just develop some software to hand off to you, never to see us again. We cut our teeth and developed our solutions while on scene, directly supporting our clients and gaining the valuable feedback required to make an awesome product. All of us are command-level certified first responders with a vast amount of experience building and developing technology

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Intellectual Property

Our software is protected by exclusive licenses to seven United States Patents, with an additional four in pending status. Our intellectual property covers a method, system, and utility for information management that sets a new standard for identity management on mobile devices. Having our disruptive technology protected by these patents ensures a stable business model for Disaster Solutions and creates opportunities for strategic partnerships with other businesses in our field.

We have exclusive licensing to the following patents