Our Disaster Response Experience

After Action Reports from 10+ years of disaster response experience


Our history in emergency management has shaped our company and the software that we develop. Since 2005, we have supported local emergency managers during disaster response and we have learned tremendous lessons from these deployments. Our unique perspective on mass care and situational awareness enable us to greatly improve local capacity during emergency operations.

2016 PTF Hurricane Matthew

The Bahamian National Emergency Management Agency tasked the Pathfinders Task Force to Nassau, Bahamas, to assist with Hurricane Matthew response & recovery.

View the 2016 Hurricane Matthew After Action Report

2016 West Virginia Flooding

The city of White Sulphur Springs, WV requested that the Pathfinders Task Force deploy for consulting services and the documentation of local flooding impact using the Disaster Solutions software.

View the 2016 West Virginia Flooding After Action Report

2016 WPB VA MC Exercise

The West Palm Beach VA Medical Center performed an exercise that tested Disaster Solutions for access control, home healthcare services, and homeless veteran outreach in May 2016.

View the 2016 WPB VAMC Exercise After Action Report

2016 Jamaica Mass Rescue Exercise

The Jamaican Government and United States Coast Guard used Pathfinders Task Force and Disaster Solutions to monitor the 2016 Mass Rescue Notification Exercise in April 2016.

View the 2016 Jamaica MRO Exercise After Action Report

Hurricane Joaquin Response

The Bahamian Government sent Pathfinders Task Force to 6 remote Bahamian Islands to perform damage assessments, critical infrastructure assessments, evacuations, and mass-care of citizens. All data was collected in a 100% disconnected environment with Disaster Solutions.

View the Hurricane Joaquin After Action Report on the Eagles Wings Foundation Website

2015 FLA WARN Exercise

A half day precursor exercise to the FLAWARN Exercise, sponsored by the EPA, was conducted on November 4th, 2015 in the City of West Palm Beach during the Workshop phase of an EPA sponsored Functional Exercise.

View the 2015 FLA WARN Exercise After Action Report

2015 Northern Exposure Exercise

The Northern Exposure, Full-Scale Exercise was conducted from June 21 – 27. The exercise simultaneously was held at multiple locations spread across Michigan and centered around the explosion of a nuclear device in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

View the 2015 Northern Exposure After Action Report

2015 Guardian Exercise

The Guardian 2015 Full-Scale Exercise was conducted from June 24th – June 26th for the US Army Reserve. All phases of the exercise were conducted from 1800 – 0600 hours to further stress test the response network, as well as for safety reasons given the heat index with responders in full protective gear.

2015 Guardian After Action Report Coming Soon

2015 Polaris Warrior Exercise

Exercise Polaris Warrior 2015 is the United States Air Force Cadey Wing annual culminating event designed to evaluate cadet capabilities while instilling unit pride and inspiring respect for the US Air Force expeditionary mission and heritage.

View the Polaris Warrior After Action Report

Download Polaris Warrior Photos (Password Protected)

2015 SOFLEX Exercise

SOFLEX was an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) full-scale exercise conducted in Palm Beach County, FL in March, 2015. The drill was a joint exercise that included participation from eight Fire Departments from South Florida. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Palm Beach State College hosted simultaneous exercise operations.

View the 2015 SOFLEX After Action Report

Black Swan Exercise (Bahamas)

Blackswan was the largest, most complex full scale exercise in US Coast Guard history. We supported the exercise with Disaster Solutions, which created situational awareness and a common operating picture for USCG, Bahamian Govt, and 21 Cruise Lines across multiple communications networks.

View the Black Swan After Action Report

Hurricane Isaac Response
(Florida, USA)

Hurricane Isaac was predominately a flooding event for western Palm Beach County in 2012. We worked with local responders to improve the field documentation of floodwater assessments on roads and property.

View the Hurricane Isaac After Action Report

Hurricane Irene Response (Bahamas)

View the Hurricane Irene Response Report

British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

View the BP Oil Spill After Action Report

Haitian Earthquake

In 2010 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, killing an estimated 225,000 people. We were tasked on 5 total deployments with missions ranging from emergency meal ration distribution, critical infrastructure assessments and special needs assessments.

View the Haitian Earthquake Response After Action Report