Disaster Response

Our Mission

Our Response Teams

We support local emergency managers during disaster response operations. Our all-hazards response teams are trained to manage a wide variety of incidents and have experience responding to disasters around the world. Because of this, we are able to apply the principles we have learned to support mass care and situational awareness operations during any disaster.

Our teams are standing-by 24/7 to support disaster response operations, anywhere in the world.

Situational Awareness

We deploy teams of disaster technology experts that specialize in improving situational awareness for disaster operations. For large incidents, we work directly with the Planning Section to augment and improve the way first responders document field operations. Our teams make sure that critical information is reported quickly and accurately, improving the efficiency of decision-making during disaster response.

For local incidents, our teams are also able to conduct several types of critical assessments with minimal support from local emergency management. We have tremendous experience in critical infrastructure and rapid damage assessments, and a history of providing those services during disaster deployments.

Mass Care

Our teams are trained to support a variety of mass care operations. Our unique experiences have shaped our approach to emergency management and our methodology for handling mass care operations. We have experience supporting emergency meal distribution operations, spontaneous volunteer coordination, and unmet needs fulfillment operations.